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The Vice Exchange

My name is Paige and I am a sweets-aholic…

I have a friend who is trying to give up chewing tobacco and I always love a bet.  We agreed that he wouldn’t chew and I wouldn’t eat any sweets (had I suffered a major head injury when I thought this was a good idea?!) 

The deal is that whoever caves first buys the other a bottle of Jager (we both love Jagermeister) – which in itself is ironic, willpower to avoid a vice is rewarded with another vice.  Hmmm….

It is day three of this bet and I am a wreck! I didn’t take the bet because I am a good friend and want to help him kick is chew habit (although that is what I said)- I took the bet to break my own sweets habits with the hope of dropping a couple of pounds.  I must digress for a second – summer is the time when I want to look my best for bikinis on the boat, but I gain the most weight because of the numerous social events that involve beers, blended drinks and other delights!

Anyways, I thought the bet would force me to stay off the sweets.  I am a very competitive person and care more about the bragging rights of winning a bet than anything else.  The problem is that if you remove one vice from someone slightly off-balance like me, another vice or vices (yes, that is plural) must be introduced.  To kill the sweets craving I have tried beer, Captain Morgan (who am I kidding, I ‘d drink those anyways! ) and my new Three Amigos – Freetos, Cheetos and Cheesits!  I need an INTERVENTION!  My daughter had oreo crumbs on her cheeks and my first instinct was to lick her clean!  I smelled my kids’ candy basket yesterday.  I am salivating just writing about sweets!Seriously – it’s bad, I’m bad.  Where was I, chocolate… no…, cookies… no…, oh yeah, vices!

If you’re vice isn’t harmful, disgusting or mean just keep it!  You may find that getting rid of it is more damaging than giving in – that’s what I am learning!  So my friend is dealing with the lack of chew by eating sweets (I hate him) and his suggestion was that I should chew to kill the sweets craving.  How’s that for rational?!  Keep your vice, it’s better for you.  Keep your vice, it loves you.  Keep your vice, all your friends are keeping theirs.  Keep your vice to avoid the dreaded effects of vice exchange!

Finally, if my train of thought is hard to follow – blame it on the lack of sugar!

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  1. July 31, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    Paige, I’m impressed you are even trying to give up sweets! But I like your take that having a vice is ok. We need to have some fun, right?

    I’ve only tried to give up sweets once. I did a 7-day cleanse once, and I was doing really well without sweets for most of it. Then on the evening of Day 6, I went to a Halloween party with cupcakes and candy and cookies everywhere, and I couldn’t eat any of it! I was in a terrible mood all night, then came home and ate some candy corns I had stashed in the cupboard. I haven’t tried to give up sweets since. 🙂

    But good luck with your bet! I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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