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Can I Shower with You?

Sometimes the simplest things in life can cause the most chaos.  For me it was my morning shower.  Okay, I am lying, my mid-morning shower.  I had to squeeze in a quick rinse off between conference calls as usual.

Whoever did the plumbing on my house was abusing his vices, aka was on drugs!  The faucets in our showers our reversed (if it says hot, it’s cold).  Our master shower does not heat up unless you turn on the bathtub hot water first.  None of these problems are new, just something we have learned to live with, until my kids got involved…

The hot and cold labels on our bathtub faucet handles fall off, and I am constantly putting them back on.  – It’s on the honey-do (or should I say, honey-pay-someone-to-do list), but that’s a whole separate blog post.  apparently my kids think these faucet labels are fun toys…

At 9:50 this morning I go running into my bathroom to rinse off before my 10:00 conference call.  I turn on the hot water in the bathtub and wait for it to warm up – once it warms up, I can turn on the shower…  I wait and it’s still cold, I am watching the clock tick towards 10 and still nothing.  I finally think, which one is really the hot…  I have to call my husband and ask him which faucet is the hot (because of course he knows without the labels, and I never pay attention to these things).  He confirms that my little angels have switched the labels. 

It is now 9:55, I switch the labels, turn on the hot water in the bath, wait for it to warm up then wait for my shower to warm up.  I set yet another world record for showering and shaving and make my call by 10:02.   Females really need more time to get ready than this!

These are the little things that contribute to my chaos.  Thank God I work from home and don’t use video conferencing. I am may be mostly clean, but I look more like the plumber!

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  1. July 23, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    A plumber that handled it rather well..

  1. July 30, 2010 at 8:38 pm

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