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How much passion should one expect in his or her life? 

I saw Eclipse from the Twilight Saga this week and was telling my friend Sarah, that it seems dreamy to be consumed by love, as Bella and Edward are, but not very realistic. I am in love with my husband, but I have a job and kids that come before being crazy in love.  Sarah says that Twilight is giving young girls the wrong idea about love, that in the real world, love is not like what is portrayed in movies.  Who’s wrong, Sarah or the world?

Similarly, how passionate should one hope to be about their job?  I like my job, but I don’t get up every morning hankering to get to it.  It has awesome moments, when I close a big deal or make an impact, but there are many things I would rather be doing than working.   I know people who would do their job for free.

To answer my own question, I think one cannot expect vampire strength love everyday (excuse the analogy).  The reality is that you can be in love with your partner, but not be able to focus on them all the time.  But, I do think we should push ourselves to find our passion and make it a career whenever possible.  You spend so much of your day working (if you have a job) so it would be great to love it so much you would do it for free.

How much passion do you have in you life?  Is it enough?

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  1. bearlover
    July 5, 2010 at 10:06 am

    If you have stumbled upon this blog on accident, it’s your lucky day. If you have been invited here, you have come because you know the value of wisdom. As wives, mothers, bosses, and as women we all have wisdom and insight to give away. Some of us focus on gaining it, while others focus on sharing it.
    My friend Paige is a perfect example of someone whose wisdom and insight I respect and rely upon. She really does live her life with a sense of balance that I revere…no… actually envy. And she does it without judgment or pretense. I’ve seen her plate…and it is pretty full. So we should be grateful that she has made room between the peas and mashed potatoes to share life with us.

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