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Seven Deadly Sins Challenge – Wrath

Okay, we’re almost done with the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, I  am admittedly losing interest in the challenge so I am changing the rules.  (My ADD hard at work) Instead of listing seven things that annoy me, I will just share one annoying story.

Last week I was coming out of the gym in the rain.  I jumped in my SUV and was sitting in the car, in park, talking to my husband.  A women attempted to pull in to the spot next to me, but she was on her cell phone.  I have no issue with people who drive and talk on their cell phones, if they are capable of it.  Clearly, this woman was not.

She pulled into the spot at such a bad angle I thought she was going to hit one or more cars, but she stopped in time.  I assumed she would hang up her call to evaluate how to fix her botched parking job, but instead she threw her car in reverse and kept right on chatting.  Her side mirror was approaching my side mirror fast.  I told my husband, “Hang on babe, some bimbo is about to hit me”.  This is of course sent him into a panic, but I assured him I was in no danger, other than losing my temper or laughing hysterically (I really couldn’t decide which way it was going to go.)  Sure enough her mirror hit mine.  She stopped, looked at the mirror, looked at me and DIDN’T HANG UP THE PHONE.  She merely kept trying to straighten her car out.  I am now relaying this story to my husband, trying to contain my laughter.  She was still in motion and it was raining so I waited a second to roll down my window.  She now was in forward again and heading back towards my mirror, I opened my window and pulled my mirror in quickly.  I did this because a) I wanted to see if she had scratched it (she had not) and b) I didn’t want her to hit it again.  When I moved the mirror, she waved and mouthed thank you while continuing her call.  Really?!

I normally succumb to road rage but the whole situation was so silly, I couldn’t help but laugh.  She then finished parking on her eighth attempt, jumped out of the care and ran inside.  She did not make eye contact, attempt to apologize or even wave.  I decided in the spirit of the holidays, I would just let it go, be a mature adult and bad-mouth her the rest of the day!

Was it annoying?  Yes, but also funny.  Did it lead to wrath?  No, because my parents taught me to be kind to those less fortunate than me and based on her driving skills, she will have other bouts of bad luck!

Do you have any funny road rage stories?  My friend recently rear-ended a guy who ended up asking her out on a date!

  1. December 5, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    I see road rage all the time when I go to the city. Everyone is honking, giving the finger, yelling, making faces at each other, waving their arms around. They all look like a bunch of monkeys! RELAX PEOPLE! Move to the country where life is on a slow pace if you can’t handle the city! Geezzz!

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