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Sunday Blues

A fabulous, fun-filled weekend is over and my family and I had to face reality today.  I knew the dreaded Monday was coming.  Mondays smack me in the face before they even start.  I call it the Sunday Blues. 

My Sunday Blues typically kick in about 5:00 pm every Sunday when I start worrying about what I need to do for work Monday morning and how busy the week is going to be.  Yesterday the Sunday Blues kicked in early – at 2:00.  Between my anniversary, my son’s first day of school and other fun stuff, I slacked a bit at work last week – okay, truthfully, I was the Ferris Bueller of the corporate world!  So today I am paying the piper, trying to do dammage control.  What did I blow off last week that I shouldn’t have?  Whose waiting on me for a response?  What important milestone did I not approve?  What executive update did I fail to provide?  I will be spending my morning catching up before it catches up to me. 

In addition,  my husband left for a business trip this morning, which means I will juggle getting the kids to school, working, homework, dinner, soccer practice, baths and back to school night by myself.  Once the week gets going, I do just fine, because I am too busy to worry about it.  But I can’t seem to avoid mourning the loss of our relaxed weekend time and dreading the stress of life as Sunday comes to a close. 

However, in the spirit of trying to stay balanced – I will look for the positives.  I will enjoy the 1:1 time with my kids.  I will run the house by my rules.  I will remind myself how independent and organized I can be.  I will take up the whole king bed when I sleep!  And then I will thank God when my husband comes home and rescues me from the brink of insanity!

I’d ask you to wish me luck, but there are single parents who deserve daily Hallmark cards.  I have friends whose spouses travel every week.  There are military families who juggle so much more.  This is not a pity party, this is recognition of the challenge at hand.  I am ultra competitive and will not let the Sunday Blues predict the outcome of this week! 

As I began writing this post, I was feeling mopey and scattered, now Eye of the Tiger (I am not even a huge Rocky fan) is playing in my head and I am ready to get through it!

If all else fails, Plan B involves a bottle of wine and a babysitter!

  1. August 16, 2010 at 6:06 am

    Good morning Paige

    Great way to look at things. Anytime i find myself in a situation that brings me down, i usually try to remember that there’s always someone worse off than i am.

    For example, one of my co-workers, who’s always negative about everything happening in her life. No matter what any of us says to her, she refuses to see the positive side of things and drags us down with her. (at least she tries to).

    I like YOUR attitude, looking at ways to overcome the blues. “At-A-Girl.” GO Paige Go. You got my vote of confidence. :))

    Have a blessed week and enjoy the large king bed. Might as well look at the positive in the negative, right?

    P.S. How do you put a picture in your blog? I tried but can’t figure that one out.


  2. August 16, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Hi Paige,
    Mondays smack me in the face before they even start. I call it the Sunday Blues.
    ha ha 🙂

    Your scribbles are so open, so practical. Keep it up!


  3. August 16, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    I get the Sunday blues too! And, if it’s a long weekend, I get the Monday blues! We’ll have to commiserate online next time…with wine, of course 😉

  4. Stacey
    August 16, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    I love it…. Eye of the tiger? You make me laugh… You would have to run stairs to use that line…
    hugs girl

  1. September 25, 2010 at 8:59 am

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