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Big Confession

Are you ready… 

I have a psychic. 

I have never believed in these things until a dear friend referred me to this psychic.  I have spoken to her twice in the last 4 years and she predicted my daughter’s birth down to a description of her and her personality.  She predicted my friend’s twins and other things that one could not be vague enough to guess.  She’s the real deal.  It drives my husband insane – an admitted side benefit 😉 but even he knows she hasn’t been wrong.

I share this because I am a little intuitive (or just another symptom of the craziness) and I feel like something really exciting is brewing in my life and I want my psychic to give me details.  I was always the kid that tried to find or guess my presents and if I feel like something good is going to happen, I want to know already!! 

So why haven’t I called?  I am trying to practice patience and live in the now.  I get very focused on goals and the future and am training myself to not miss the present.  This is part of balance for me.  Live in the present, enjoy my friends and family more and appreciate my blessed life.  Instead of working after dinner tonight, like I always do, I built Lincoln Logs (and knocked them down!) with my kids.  I skipped a meeting to have lunch with a friend this week – it felt great!  I am taking a day off next week to take my kids to visit their godmother/my childhood friend that I don’t see as much as I’d like to.  I am not abandoning my job, but I am putting more emphasis on the things that really matter.  When I look back in 20 years am I going to remember the deal I closed or the cherished time with loved ones?  This also means whatever good thing is coming will get here when it’s time and I will love what’s here now.

For those that know me well, there is a distinct possibility that I will blog about a call with my psychic next week, but I am trying and will be honest if my inner child wins…

  1. Shelly
    July 16, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Hi Neighbor- I have enjoyed reading your blog and can’t wait for the next because everything you have talked about so far is right on par with my life (but you are much better at articulating your thoughts and I envy you for that). I have too been trying for the past many months to live in the now- in fact, I just took half the day off (or should I say played hookie) to have lunch with my daughter and take her shopping- now we are ready to swim it’s so damn hot today. Our lives are very similar and we need to get together for a neighborhood cocktail soon!

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