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Pursey Galore

February 2, 2011 8 comments

Our regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted for this special report:

Through an amazing twist of fate and good luck, I will be hosting Pursey Galore in February as she traipses across the continent in order to raise money and awareness for The American Stroke Association.

Isn't she gawgeous?!


Many people don’t know that my father has been a Type I Diabetic since he was 4 years old.  Diabetes has caught up with him (warning this links to a heart-felt post I wrote about my dad) and he is only 64.  He has had triple bypass and suffers from a shot cardiovascular system.  He has TIA’s on a regular basis.  So when presented with an opportunity to support the American Stroke Association, I not only jumped at the chance, I bribed, cajoled and threatened purse napping! 

I convinced Pursey’s owner, the lovely Lori at In Pursuit of Martha Points to ship her off to me, without a chaperone, for a long weekend in the snow with friends and 8 young children!

Pursey lives up to her sparkle and has had some wild adventures.  But is she ready for a trip with my crazy college friends and their children?  Will she be able to keep warm in the snow?  Will she ski or board?  Does she like Bailey’s and hot cocoa?  We’ll have to see…

And if there is time when we return, before I have to send her on to her next hostess, I will plan a PurseyPalooza  to subject Pursey to a little A LOT of Suburbia Silliness!

Get your rest my sparkly diva!  It’s going to be a wild ride!

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